what people are saying
what people are saying

"Her voice is as appealing as her name is unique"
Canada AM

**** 4 out of 5 stars   SideDish CD Review  "Eclectic mix of assorted styles - Spanish, Italian, South American, Middle Eastern - make for an interesting listen.  Guitars, violins, mandolins, accordions, horns, stand-up bass, pianos, synths and exotic percussion add a wide range of colours and nuances to Gurr's rhythmically propulsive pop.  Her voice is rich and warm, complementing the subjective lyrics. DOWNLOAD THIS: "Let's Find a Way".  
Greg Potter, TV Week

TOP 10 LIST - Babe Gurr - SideDish  CD Review   "As the title of SideDish suggests, Babe Gurr has taken a detour from her usual high standard singer-writer offerings to make a record that embraces rhythms of a global nature. She has adapted her own songwriting to latin, European and middle-eastern arrangements with one trip to New Orleans for “Voodoo Love,” her take on Bo Diddley blues. From mournful (the Italian  ”Solo Mia”) to timely (“The World Is Calling” makes you think of the uprisings in Northern Africa), Gurr reveals breadth as well as depth. 
Tom Harrison, The Province

SideDish CD Review - 4 stars out of 5 - "Babe Gurr continues her rise through the world of folk and Americana.  Her last album, Chocolate Lilly, earned rave reviews in both the U.S. and Canada, and led to a series of high profile concerts in both countries.  Gurr’s songs have also been featured on a number of shows on U.S. television, including the FOX series Higher Ground.  Gurr’s songwriting has also been lauded in venues such as the Billboard World Song Contest, the 12th Great American Song Contest, and the Sonic Bids Nashville Song Contest, the latter of which she won.  Gurr recently released her latest effort, SideDish, a collection of eight originals and two covers with an international flair.

SideDish opens with “I’m Just Here To Dance”, a gritty tango, and Gurr’s voice is as sultry as the dance itself.  Gurr is a master storyteller, and proves it once again here.  “Solo Mia” is an absolutely gorgeous performance, with Gurr’s earthy alto the perfect complement to a great arrangement.  “The World Is Calling” is a wonderfully dark world/rock number that blends Middle Eastern and Western sounds in a vibrant and driven arrangement.  “I Will Be” is a pure love song; a promise of devotion with surprisingly melancholic undertones.  The song is dark and urgent; moving in an almost needful way. 

“Voodoo Love” is bluesy, elemental folk/rock ala Bonnie Raitt; a catchy number with an unforgettable chorus.  This is Gurr at her finest.  “My Love” and “Let’s Find A Way” are both solid entries, and lead to the closer, “Rio’s Lullaby”.  The song is an apt closer, a gentle goodnight that highlights Gurr’s voice as the supreme instrument it is.

Babe Gurr’s SideDish definitely walks a different musical line than we have heard from her in the past, but it is a worthwhile one to follow.  Gurr shows a versatility of language and style that is unique in modern music; not just an ability to cover different ground but a depth of perception and musical understanding that is startling.  Gurr’s voice, as always, is a pleasure, and the journey she takes on SideDish is one that listeners will prize."

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
Wildy's World

***** 5 Stars out of 5 - A Gem!
"What a gem! There's something to be said for doing it your way and this has certainly paid off. No changes needed-just sit back and listen to it right through. I suppose you could call it Roots but with spot on playing, the melodies are captivating and one of "those" voices... Another Canadian winner!!"
James Williams - Independent Record Store Mail Order Manager, New Zealand


Chocolate Lilly CD Review
"Vancouver singer-songwriter Babe Gurr can hook you with a melody. Chocolate Lilly, latest from the indie artist, does that right from the opening rock tune Hard to Get Over Me, with its cool guitar and honky-tonk piano, to the closing Understanding, which should be a radio single. There are single possibilities all of the place…Gurr sings with a husky sensuality, delivering her lyrics with both urgency and warmth…"

Marke Andrews - Vancouver Sun

"Her roots-based style is grounded and earthy, making it a great would-be companion to a film or television soundtrack. The acoustic, but rocking sound on many of the songs on Chocolate Lilly are tailor-made for (Bonnie) Raitt's attitude-laden, gravelly voice".
Amy O'Brian, Vancouver Sun

"Truth be told, Babe's voice is as appealing to the ear as her name is unique. Rich with warmth and texture, it is lovingly wrapped around songs that tend to scoop you up and INSIST upon taking you on a little ride through her world."
Real Music Magazine


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