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HEARTS UP TO THE SUN - Click the speakers for audio samples.

797 kb
Throw Our Hearts Up to the Sun
1026 kb
Innocence Destroyed
881 kb
The Whip
 894 kb
The Age of Invisible
 897 kb

SIDEDISH - Click the speakers for audio samples.

I'm Just Here To Dance
1454 kb
Solo Mia
1125 kb
The World is Calling
 1922 kb
Tired of Strange
1307 kb
Colpo di Coda
1741 kb
I Will Be
1288 kb
Voodoo Love
1328 kb
My Love
1110 kb
Let's Find a Way
913 kb
Rio's Lullaby
1188 kb

CHOCOLATE LILLY - Click the speakers for audio samples.

Hard To Get Over Me
1012 kb
Love Is Tough
860 kb
Chocolate Lilly
897 kb
I Give Myself 2U
 1126 kb
Now You're Gone
 1007 kb
Unchain My Heart
872 kb
Larger Than Life
1063 kb
Break Thru
1002 kb
Set Free
1127 kb
1000 kb

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