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BABE GURR - Hearts Up To The Sun

“Babe's new recording is a treat, although not always sweet. Hearts Up To The Sun - a five song EP - features Babe's talents in full form as producer, singer and songwriter. Musically it is as hot as Louisiana hot sauce and the horn arrangements sound like they might well have come from there. Babe's voice is sounding as good or better than ever. The band is great. But the songs… wow! The songs mark a step forward. They are even better than the ones she won awards for with her last release - SideDish.

This is a full course meal covering the full range of human emotion from antipasto through desert. Believe? may be an anti-hymn -- a plea for reason and self discovery over blind faith. "Give me one belief that won't suffocate" Babe demands. The title track- Throw Our Hearts Up To The Sun is an ode to escaping- the encapsulation of the choice made- flight, not fight! Airport, driver! Innocence Destroyed is about a young boy. Where? Vancouver's Downtown East Side, North Africa trying to get across the water? It about the fragility of one human being and the futility of the efforts of another. Musically, Babe breaks new ground with The Whip. A Balkan beat carries the heavy load of strong lyrics - "The room was bitter cold. / With half truths made whole. / In your crisp white shirt and tie./You work your alibi."

The EP ends with The Age of Invisible - a song of forgiveness- forgiveness for old jokes told too often, for being past your 'best before date.' The chorus is both an invitation and a pardon- "Come with me, roll with me, drink with me. dance with me, / Through your darkest night. / Laugh with me, cry with me, no need to lie to me." In a very real way that is the message of these songs and this recording- laugh, cry, be honest. Great sounds carry great words. This is very good work indeed from an artist who just keeps getting better.”

By Gary Cristall - Co-founder of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Canada Council for the Arts officer, and Capilano University Educator.

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